Top 4 Hiking Spots in New Zealand

New Zealand is a haven for tourists who love to hike. The country has multiple trails that can take up to five days to complete, which is an exhausting yet exciting experience for hikers. You can engage in a variety of trails that offer adventurous trails in national parks and snowcapped peaks. You can even hike near or around a volcano, making New Zealand the best place to be for hikers. However, four trails stand out among the others.

A Reminder before Your Trip

You need to secure a travel visa amid your excitement for a hike in New Zealand to avoid any delays and cancellations. Fortunately, you can apply for a travel permit online. The filing for a New Zealand visa is a simple process that takes up about 10 minutes of your time upon completion. After getting your permission approved, you can plan your visit in the best hiking trails in New Zealand.

Milford Track

The Milford Track is a hiking trail that is captivating from start to end. Many hikers include the Milford Track in their list of the best hikes around the world. You will need to prepare for this 53-kilometer hike by exercising and undergoing mental training. Despite being a four-day hike, tourists will not want to rush the trip as the trail provides them with captivating views of the Sutherland Falls and Mitre Peak. Upon completing the journey, you can take time to relax by boarding a boat at Milford Sound.

Kepler Track

Located in Southland is the Kepler Track, which is known as the “adventure above the clouds.” The moniker originates from the trail found in Mount Luxmore, which will place you at over 1,400 meters above sea level. The Kepler Track is a challenging trail that provides hikers with different types of environments like rainforests with creeks of glacial waters and alpine surroundings. To cap it all off, the Kepler Track has numerous swing bridges at great heights that appeal to tourists who love daring challenges.

Routeburn Track

The Routeburn Track is a 32-kilometer trek that offers treks in cascading streams, silver beech forests, lush grasslands, and alpine wetlands. The track is one of New Zealand’s most visually pleasing hikes with the breathtaking view of peaks of Fiordland National Park to Mount Aspiring National Park. You can try climbing Key Summit if you want to take on another challenge after trekking the Routeburn Track. The Key Summit is often a training ground for climbers wishing to hike Mount Everest.

Tongariro Northern Circuit

The Tongariro Northern Circuit is a New Zealand Great Walks site that provides hikers with an out-of-the-ordinary trail. The rocky terrain has green pools of sulfur water that emits plumes of gases caused by a dormant volcano called Emerald Lakes, which will make tourists feel like they are walking on Mars. You will also be able to travel from Mount Ngauruhoe to Mount Ruapehu during this trip. The hike may take three to four days, but it is a worthy trail for hikers that want to experience new challenges.

New Zealand attracts a lot of tourists because of the numerous hike trails scattered around the country. However, it is essential that you secure your visa to New Zealand online if you want to prepare for an adventurous time.…