4 Oman E-Visa Q&A Tips

The Sultanate of Oman is a breathtaking country filled with hidden gems and is very famous for the kindness and hospitality of its people. Oman is home to a wide range of natural wonders like thrilling terrains, peaceful mountains, and beautiful oceans. That’s why it’s not surprising that more and more people rush to obtain an E-visa Oman and travel to this unique destination.

Though the E-visa Oman application process is quick and easy, you might still be prone to making mistakes. Here are some things to consider before booking your trip:


What are the Validity Terms to Consider?

Before applying for an e-visa, check that your passport will not expire within six months after your application. Upon issuance, make sure your travel period will be within 60 days, or else the visa will be void. You cannot apply for another using the same passport until your current visa expires.


What Photo Should I Use?

Your photo should be of International Standards. The file format must be .JPEG or .JPG. It should be a color photo with a white background and taken within the last six months. The applicant must face the front, eyes open and visible, and look directly into the camera with a neutral expression. No glasses nor any form of headgear is allowed, except for religious reasons.


Should I Follow Length of Stay?

Most definitely. If a visitor overstays beyond what the e-visa dictates, the tourist faces a fine of 26 USD per day. Detention is also possible if you overstay too long and fail to extend legal residency.


Can My Application Still Be Denied?

All applications are a case-to-case basis. In spite of the straightforward process, there still might be rejections. For instance, if you applied for an e-visa while already in Oman or if you have a previously rejected application, there are chances of failure. No need to worry! To avoid rejections, the E-visa Oman team checks all visa applications for common errors like passport expiry or wrong passport numbers. Applicants will be informed right away to resolve whatever problem might arise.

For best and safe travels, it is strongly advised to read carefully and review all legal and official documents. Research well before traveling. Always consult with professional visa agencies in obtaining your E-visa Oman.…