There are video tutorials that show you how to fill out the ESTA formular. Yet it is actually supposed to be a simple process that shouldn’t take you much time. If you do need help because of a language barrier, however, that’s of course a different story. It just should be mentioned that many people think they are going to need help or an attorney, and they end up being fine applying by themselves.

It’s not supposed to be a real lengthy application. ESTA allows for travelers to enter the US, as long as they don’t have plans to stay past the 90 day deadline. A trip longer than 90 days requires a visa. What you want to do is qualify for the visa waiver program.

If you have heard of the VWP but not ESTA, they are the same. ESTA is the system used, and that is how you apply. The cost is minimal, $14, and you find out real soon if your application is approved. Do you still owe money if your application doesn’t get approved?

Yes, but the good thing is the charge is just $4 at that point. That’s not much at all, but of course you are wanting to get approved. Make sure you do apply and get that approval at least 3 days or 72 hours before you are going to be traveling. That’s the rule when it comes to applying for ESTA.

By the time you get ready to fill out the ESTA formular, you are going to be done. Okay, so that’s not going to happen, but you get the point. It won’t take long at all to fill out the application. And once you’re done, you are able to use the ESTA for two years if you plan to travel to the US again.

Even if you don’t think you will make another trip to the US in the near future, it’s a good idea to know that your ESTA is valid for the 2 years. However, if your passport happens to expire, you are going to have an expired ESTA, too. That’s just the way the system works.

You want to follow the rules of course, but the rules sure do seem easy enough, right? All you are going to do now is fill out an online form to see if you are approved. Treat it like any other online application, and get ready to travel to the US.…