The alarm clock sounds, one more morning, he goes to his office, he sits in front of his computer, and he repeats himself over and over again, what do I do here? This is not what I would like to do. It is never too late for him to do what he loves.

Perhaps for several months, or why not years, comes thinking that you would like to leave everything and better to devote to music, dedicate to writing, or travel. As it was outlined in his book, Elizabeth Gilbert, “Eat, pray, love”, which would later become a great movie starring the renowned actress Julia Roberts, comes a moment that life itself questions and requires you to make a Stop along the way, analyze if you really are in the place you want, or if on the contrary you want to abandon everything and start from scratch.

It is never too late to make changes, and if it is a life plan, it is better now to keep waiting, say the psychologists, if you do what you like, it is not an obligation but joy and the remuneration will be something additional, necessary always, but not the main reason.

JL Pastor is a Peruvian, resident in Colombia, a person who has achieved what many dreams and few have managed to combine their passions, as he says in his order of importance: family, travel, reading and communication. He currently directs the 3 Travel Bloggers project and lives from it.

He was an ordinary employee, was engaged in Marketing and Communication, and one day decided to change his office life and go traveling around the world.…